(1) Website content layout structure

This website is designed in accordance with the principles of “Accessibility Web Development Standards”, and provides web guide tiles (:::), site navigation (Site Navigator), keyboard shortcuts (Access Key) and other design methods in accordance with the standards of accessible website design.

  The main content of the website is divided into two large sections:

   1) Navigation link area at the top
   2) Main content area

  The following is a description of how to use keyboard shortcuts (Access Key) for this website:

   Alt + U: In the navigation link area at the top, move to the item location at the top of the page.
   Alt + C: Main content area, moved to the main content area of the webpage.

  The user can use the [Tab] key of the keyboard to help you locate the pointer to a specific location. By using the [Tab] key, the pointer position can be moved from the current location from left to right and from top to bottom in sequence, and then combined with [ The Enter】 key replaces the mouse click, which can assist visually impaired and physically handicapped users in another way to access the webpage.